Coffee with a tad of economic development

The one habit I can’t kick is coffee. I love the taste and my brain can’t wake up without a cup  in the morning. With the overwhelming varieties out there it’s even difficult to choose what to drink and where. After months on end of drinking instant Nescafe to keep myself going through the tough days in the field, I appreciate having so many options at home. I try to support smaller coffee companies and local coffee shops whenever I can. No long ago, I discovered La Colombe a Philadelphia based coffee roaster. There coffee is bold and rich. I find that a lot of designer coffees these days have a sour taste and I have trouble drinking them but La Colombe doesn’t try to be more than high quality coffee beans directly sourced from farms in South America, Haiti and Africa. There is a reason that the coffee is being served in places like the Museum of Modern Art in NYC, and restaurants/cafes all over the country. You can visit their cafes in NYC, Philadelphia, Chicago, D.C. and Seoul. They are also great for people watching and writing.

I recently spent a month in Haiti and I have to say that they have some of the best coffee in the world (up there with Ethiopia). However, very little Haitian coffee has reached the outside world. The poorest nation in the western hemisphere, plagued by political strife and natural disasters, Haiti is struggling to rebuild. The country has the capacity for exportation but with aid money misused, corruption rampant it is difficult to attract  foreign investment. However, smaller companies are taking notice and I hope that this will change and some of the profits will make their way back to the local economies.

Check out more about La Colombe & Haiti-

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